mcprep-code-shotLeben in DE is our first product to use the multiple choice test preparation framework, MCPrep. We built MCPrep to be flexible enough to handle a wide variety of multiple choice question formats, with and without pictures and a varying number of answers. A key design principle is adaptive learning, where performance is tracked, so questions that are mastered come up much less often than questions that have proven more difficult. Random question and answer sequences prevent the wrong kind of memorization from taking place. Also, MCPrep provides immediate feedback for each question, and always reinforces the correct solution, even if the false answer is chosen first.

Test preparation can be a determining factor in career, academic or personal advancement. MCPrep makes it easy to build effective training apps, and helps people to take tests with confidence.

Keep an eye out for our future apps using MCPrep. If you need to prepare for a multiple choice test and haven’t been able to find a suitable app solution, let us know.