Leben in DE Support

On this page we provide answers to some common questions regarding Leben in DE. If your issue isn’t addressed here, you can email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Questions about using Leben in DE

  • What exactly is a “mastered question?”
    A mastered question is one that you’ve answered correctly 3 times in a row. Once a question is mastered, it will appear much less often in Training mode. You can see your ┬ámastery statistics on the menu screen here:progress-help-en
  • If I answer a mastered question wrong, what happens?
    Any time a question is answered incorrectly, it is put into the unmastered category. Mastery is based on getting the question correct at least three times in a row.
  • What’s the difference between the “Training” and “Random” modes?
    Training mode selects questions based on your mastery level. The bulk of the questions in a session will be new or unmastered. Some almost mastered questions will show up, as well as a small portion of mastered questions. This selection process allows you to achieve full mastery in the least possible time. Random mode selects questions entirely at random, which is a good way to simulate a practice test.
  • Do I have to use training mode to increase my mastery level?
    No. Your mastery level is always tracked as long as your training profile is selected, even in random or sequential mode.
  • Someone wants to try the test on my device, but I don’t want them to mess up my progress. What can I do?
    You can select the “Guest” profile. Mastery is not tracked for guests. If you are sharing a device, you should set up training profiles for each person. Always make sure the correct one is selected before starting a session.
  • What exactly is “Sequential” mode?
    Questions will come in the official, published order as provided by the German government . In this mode, if you select less than 300 questions for a session, the starting point will be chosen at random.
  • I think one of the questions is wrong. Can you fix it?
    If you think there’s an issue with a question, please let us know, including the discreet, grey ID number at the bottom of the session screen. We regularly compare our database to the official government list, and will update Leben in DE with any changes.
  • I have multiple iOS devices. Do I have to pay to unlock the questions on each device?
    If the devices all share the same Apple ID, no. When you unlock the questions on a device, all other devices with the same Apple ID have access to the full content.
  • I paid to unlock the questions, but now they are locked. Will I have to pay again?
    No. If you restore your device, or get a new one, you just need to restore the unlock purchase. Click the “Unlock” button and choose the “Restore” option. There’s no cost.