DE 250 is now Leben in DE

After recent changes to the official BAMF German integration test, it was time to update DE 250. Since there are now 300 national, as well as 10 Bundesland specific questions based on location, the number 250 became obsolete. The official test is now called “Leben in Deutschland”, so we have renamed our training app “Leben in DE.”

In addition to the name change, we updated all the national questions, and issued a number of iOS 7 specific fixes. This version was submitted to Apple for approval today, and should soon be available in the store.

We are now working on adding the option to select a Bundesland specific version of the test, and are hoping to submit it for review as quickly as possible. This next version will also allow you to zoom in on any images, since some of the new questions have larger pictures, which are hard to identify on the iPhone version.

We will keep you posted about these future updates.

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